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The thumbnail images below will take you to larger versions. Sooner or later, there will also be a poem by Black Squirrel to accompany each picture. Several of these need to be reshot, and the scans were done quickly, so sorry about the poor quality of a few of them!

the Fool

0. the Fool

the Magician

I. the Magician

the High Priestess

II. the High Priestess

the Empress

III. the Empress

the Emperor

IV. the Emperor

the Hierophant

V. the Hierophant

the Lovers

VI. the Lovers

the Chariot

VII. the Chariot


VIII. Strength

the Hermit

IX. the Hermit

Wheel of Fortune

X. Wheel of Fortune


XI. Justice

the Hanged Man

XII. the Hanged Man


XIII. Death


XIV. Temperance

the Devil

XV. the Devil

the Tower

XVI. the Tower

the Star

XVII. the Star


the Moon

XVIII. the Moon

the Sun

XIX. the Sun


XX. Judgement

the World

XXI. the World


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