(that's me beta-reading for one of my authors - I use a keyboard when I write on the Palm)

Here is the Harry Potter Fan Fiction I'm currently working on.  It can also be accessed (and you can hear about updates) by joining my Yahoo Group, SquirrelsNest (that link will open in a new window, as will all the rest of the links on this page.  I hope.)

Since I'm so slow to update, partially due to the time I spend betaing these people, here are links to the Author Pages of the folks I beta for.  They're worth a read (heck, Aibhinn's writing puts mine to shame anyway!)

Look, Ma! I finally updated my links! They *should* actually work now... *sigh*

For more great fics, go see the site where all those are hosted anyway - PhoenixSong.net.  I'm one of the five Founders over there, known as Astarte on that site ;) Ah, yes, I am Our Lady of Too Many Pseudonyms.