American Sign Language Tarot

Yes, a Tarot deck that honors the beauty of American Sign Language.  Instead of the traditional suits in "normal" tarot decks, this deck has a different hand shape associated with each suit.  I (Squirrel) have a mild hearing *evolution* (I don't consider it an impairment to not be able to understand lower-pitched voices <men> when I'm not paying attention to them - I have Central Auditory Processing Dysfunction) and I've been Signing since age 4 because one of my mom's best friends from high school is Deaf and my mother is deaf in one ear (which is also why my CAPD wasn't noticed until college - I didn't know you were supposed to be able to hear what is going on around you when you're on the phone since Mom couldn't, I thought it was normal).  I switch between speech and ASL fluidly (often without realizing it, much to the aggravation of the Hearies around me, like my hubby).  I consider myself culturally Deaf (even though I don't have much of a social life, and the people I've been managing to socialize with lately are all hearing, at least since Deaf Way II... I'm horrible about keeping in touch with people, I admit it).   When I'm around Deaf people, my Signing improves rapidly and I've been mistaken for (medically) deaf by other Signers when I've met them (in other words, they're really shocked when they see me react to a noise in the environment or start talking to a hearing person after we've been Signing for a bit).  I've been in love with ASL for as long as I can remember; I compose ASL poetry, I dream in ASL about as often as I dream in English, it is the language of my heart and often mind more than English (technically my "native" or "first" language).  I feel blessed to be a member of both worlds - Deaf and Hearing, and hope to help hearing people see the beauty that flows throughout American Sign Language and other signed languages.

This tarot is intended to be published as an actual deck, someday in the future (hopefully not too distant).  Currently, I have only photographed the Empress card, and the subject is concerned about having the photo on the internet at the moment (it depicts a pregnant mother breastfeeding her toddler, the toddler is signing "Mother," and it's really not titillating to me but some people are perverts about this kind of thing, so we're trying to protect the child involved - I may manipulate the picture yet to make them less identifiable).

If you'd like to pose for these images, please email me - I do not have the funds to pay models at this time, but we can discuss possible options upon publication of the deck.  I have model release forms available, which I will need signed before the photo shoot.  I am looking for all ages, nationalities, and body types, no nudity is involved.  I would love to have Deaf models in the cards, but I do not discriminate with my models on the basis of their lack-of-deafness disability ;)  Models need to be either in the DC/Northern VA area, or able to meet with me when I'm visiting family in Cleveland, OH or New York City (which will obviously take more scheduling *sigh*).

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